5 Tips to Jump-Start Reading

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Reading is one of the most fundamental skills we learn. It’s a skill we use every day, from scanning the menu at a restaurant to reading the signs on the expressway. Despite the critical role reading plays in our lives, a staggering amount of Americans struggle to read above a fifth-grade level. 

At Stepping Stones Together, we have put together an affordable program that helps children and their families engage in reading activities designed to teach and foster the love of reading. Preparing your child to begin reading at an early age benefits their school performance, as well as their literacy and comprehension later in life. In addition to our reading program, we have five tips to help jump-start your child’s reading journey.  

Beginning Reading to Your Child Early

It is never too early to begin reading and telling stories to your child. From birth, children are experiencing and learning from every interaction they have. Starting daily, at-home reading, or visiting your local library for a weekly group storytime session helps expose your child to the world of literature and fosters an appreciation for stories. Reading aloud to your child also helps them build a rich vocabulary and more articulate oral communication skills.

Ask Questions About What You Are Reading

Asking your child questions about what you are reading to them helps develop their comprehension skills. While reading words on a page is a critical skill when learning to read, being able to comprehend what they are reading is essential. 

You can develop your questions as your child gets older. During the early stages of learning, pair picture books with identification questions, such as asking your child to point to a specific object on the page. As their vocabulary and comprehension skills begin to increase, you can ask questions before, during, and after reading that follow along with the story.

Make Reading Materials Easily Accessible

Keeping a variety of reading materials within easy reach of your child helps to promote an interest in reading. Having a bookshelf filled with durable reading materials in your child’s primary play area allows them to interact with books outside of storytime and can help promote free-time reading. 

Use the Stepping Stones Together Program

At Stepping Stones Together, we actively work to combat illiteracy by providing a customized early reading program for young readers. We know that early access to reading materials is vital to a child meeting their reading level goals and improving their future literacy skills. Our easy-to-follow, personalized program consists of your choice of 90 beginner-friendly, high-interest stories, daily activities that compliment your child’s learning, over 100 comprehension questions, and so much more. 

If you have a child that is beginning to read or needs a boost to their reading skills, contact Stepping Stones Together. We are a trusted, proven reading program that offers the gift of reading to your children. To allow you to determine the pace of your plan, we offer three membership options, each a different length of time. If you have questions about membership or how our program can assist your child, please do not hesitate to message us.