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Adding new books now works a lot like adding posts.  In the admin area you’ll see a new menu item called “Books”.  This is where you can add and edit the books just like you do with posts.

Click “Add New” to add a brand new book.

Adding Pages

The best thing to do when creating a new book is to add the page breaks first.  So in the main editor window select the “HTML” tab.  Whenever you enter the code “<!–nextpage–>”, a page-break will be added.

(You can click on these images to make them full-size)

The HTML editor with one page break added

When you switch to the “Visual” tab you can see how page breaks show up in the visual editor.

How the visual editor display page breaks.

It’s quicker to  add as many page breaks as you think you’ll need right at the beginning.  Otherwise you’ll have to keep switching back and forth between the visual editor and the HTML editor.  So while you are in the HTML editor add several more page breaks.

Some more page breaks.

Now switch to the “Visual” tab and you’ll see all of your new page breaks.

The Visual Editor display

To add the cover page, switch to the “Visual” tab so that you are in the Visual Editor.  Make sure your cursor is above that first page break and click the “Add An Image” button.

Adding the Cover Page in the Visual editor. “Add An Image” button is top left.

Choose the image for your cover.  Don’t give it any caption and click the “Insert” button.

Inserting the Cover Page. Remember to leave the “Caption” field blank.

Now your cover page will appear in the visual editor.

To insert the next page, make sure your cursor is under the first page break then click the “Add an Image” button.

1. Make sure your cursor is under the first page break. 2. Click the “Add an Image” button.

This time the image’s caption will be the text for that particular page.  So enter that page’s text into that “Caption” field.

To help keep the formatting consistent, I have it set up so that any Question-marks in the caption field will automatically cause a line break.  So the text “Is he on the bed?  No he is not on the bed.” will automatically show up like this:

Is he on the bed?
No he is not on the bed

Enter the page’s text in the “Caption” field.

Now you can repeat the same process for the rest of your story pages.  Don’t include the Story Writing Prompt questions just yet.

When you’ve entered your last page, make sure to delete any leftover page-breaks.  Leftover page-breaks will cause empty pages to show up in your book.  You can just click on the page break graphic and hit “Enter” or “Backspace” on your keyboard.

Delete Leftover page breaks.

Story Writing Prompt

You enter the Story Writing Prompt questions in the box that is directly below the main editor.  It will be labeled “Multiple Content Blocks” and will say “Questions” under that.

The story Prompt Box. Notice the formatting.

Notice the formatting.  The Titles should be formatted as “Heading 2” and the questions should be lists.  It’s easiest to write all of the questions then select them all and click the List button (You can see the red arrow pointing from the questions to the list button).

Choose Series and Category

On the right hand side of the screen are menus to choose the Series and Category for your book.  You can add new Series and Category from this menu, too.

Choose one of each

Once you have chosen the Series and Category you can click the “Publish” button.

The button will say “Publish” or “Update”