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Best Kindergarten Reading Program in Chicago

Learning to read is an exciting and important milestone in a child’s early cognitive development. Parents with children who are starting to show signs that they are ready to learn to read might start to wonder about the best process for teaching them this formative skill. For school-age children who are in kindergarten in Chicago, Stepping Stones Together is the best online reading program for your beginning reader. Our courses are designed to help you teach your child at their very own pace. Your child will practice learning the fundamental skills to become a strong reader by engaging in our programs for just 15 to 20 minutes a day. 

Join a Kindergarten Reading Program that Focuses on Children’s Early Literacy Success

With the Stepping Stones Together beginning reader program, we focus on the following concepts to ensure that your child develops the essential fundamentals that will set them up for success. Our courses are structured around:

  • Learning high-frequency words – Many experts believe that in order for children to begin to read, they must be able to identify high-frequency words. The words that we teach make up the content of 58% to 75% of all children’s books. The emphasis on teaching these words is one of the pillars that make our kindergarten reading program a success. 
  • Text illustration support – Often, beginning readers are familiar with images and illustrations when paging through a book. Offering an illustration next to the text they are reading can help them identify unfamiliar words. 
  • Coloring books – We provide black and white coloring books so that your child can use their imagination to add their own color to the stories and develop a personal connection to the material that they are learning to read. 
  • Spacing – The Stepping Stones Together reading materials are printed in a large font with plenty of spacing between words in order to help your child develop print awareness. 
  • Incentive program – Learning to read can be challenging and is a fantastic accomplishment that should be celebrated. Our courses provide parents with a personalized behavior chart to track their child’s progress. Upon completion of the course, every child will receive a printable individual achievement certificate. 
  • Games – Check out the variety of reading-focused games that we offer as a part of our beginning reader courses. 

Learn More About the Best Kindergarten Reading Program in Chicago

Is your child showing signs that they are ready to learn to read? We are dedicated to instilling the positive feeling of becoming a successful reader with every child who engages in our courses. 

Are you still hesitant to get started? Taking this jump into teaching a child to read is certainly a big step, which is why we offer a one-week free trial. During your trial, you can access all of the online course materials, while the print materials will be delivered once your trial is complete and your membership begins. 

Still have additional questions? If you are a parent of a kindergarten-aged child in the Chicago area, contact Stepping Stones Together to learn more about our beginning reader programs. 

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