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Best Learn to Read Program in Illinois

Reading to a child is a tradition that many parents enjoy and look forward to every night. Choosing favorite books, looking through pictures together, and watching as your child starts to memorize the sounds of the words on each page is an experience unlike any other. Reading excites a part of the brain and helps us connect through language. This is why transitioning your child from a listener into the process of learning to read is such an important step in a child’s development. 

How do our Stepping Stones Together Beginning Reader Courses Work?

Learning to read is a personal journey for every child, which is why we offer two different paced courses to choose from. Sign up for either a three month or a full annual membership and receive all of the course materials to help your child learn to read. 

One of the first challenges of teaching a child to read can be finding time in the day to set aside for this activity. We recognize how busy schedules can be, which is why we have designed the Stepping Stones Together beginning reader program to be completed by practicing for just 15-20 minutes every day. The key here is consistency and repetition, two of the foundations of building successful reading tools. 

The time that you and your child spend working on beginning reading skills with Stepping Stones Together will consist of:

  • Asking your child to select one of the age-appropriate stories from their Stepping Stones Together book collection. This will be available on your personalized homepage.
  • Read the title of the story to your child and ask them to imagine what the story is about. This allows a child to share with you what they might already know about the topic of the book based on the title. 
  • Take a “picture walk” together through the story. This allows your child to guess what might be happening on each page based on the illustrations they see. The “picture walk” can help your child start to build a narrative and to watch how the story progresses. 
  • From here, you and your child will read together through the simple story to connect these predictions to the actual storyline. 
  • The next step is to have your child read the story on their own with you as the audience. It can be helpful to show them how to keep their place by moving their finger along the page as they pronounce the words. 
  • After your child has finished reading the story, ask for them to draw a picture of what happened in the book that they read based on a writing prompt that they will be provided. 
  • Finally, celebrate with a fun game and acknowledge the achievement that your child has accomplished!  

Learn More About the Best Learn to Read Program in Illinois

If you are interested in learning more about the Stepping Stones Together beginning reader program, we are here and happy to answer your questions! Please contact us to learn more or to sign up for a free trial. 

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