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A common concern of parents is whether their children are on the right track when it comes to reading. It is important to remember that each child is different, and some children will naturally learn to read much earlier than others. While this is completely natural, there are resources that parents can use to boost their child’s learning and progress when it comes to reading.

At Stepping Stones Together, we provide guidance and activities that help beginners learn to read. Our carefully-researched and designed program has proven results and can help your child develop into a dedicated and skilled reader. This can take the stress off of parents and help your child excel in the rest of their education. Contact us today to learn more about the best learn to read programs in Chicago.

Is Your Child Ready to Learn to Read?

First off – not every child is ready to learn to read when you want them to be. If you’re curious about whether your child might be ready to begin reading, consider the following:

  • Does your child show an interest in reading? Do they re-tell or try to memorize their favorite stories?
  • Does your child understand what words are and that words are made up of letters of the alphabet?
  • Does your child know the alphabet? Can they recognize and identify letters – both upper and lower case – when they are out of order?
  • Does your child know letter sounds? While knowing short and long vowel sounds is more complicated than necessary at this stage, your child should know what sounds are associated with most letters before they start to learn to read. 

Having a solid grasp of these basic literacy skills can immensely help your child achieve success in a beginning reading program. Please feel free to use our online test to help you determine whether your child is ready to start reading on their own. 

How the Program Works

If you are confident that your child is ready, you want a program targeted to beginners that takes an easy to follow approach. Children can get impatient with lengthy lessons, so our program can be completed in only 15 to 20 minutes per day. This is all the time needed to boost your child’s reading skills, as consistency – not time per day – is the key to beginning reading success.

Research has shown that parent and family involvement in literacy programs is highly beneficial, so you and your child will embark on this journey together. Your dedication to completing the steps as scheduled is key to your child’s success. You will always have additional support from our team as needed. 

Find Our More Information about the Best Learn to Read Programs in Chicago

Some children struggle to learn to read more than others, but you can invest in your child’s abilities and future by providing them with the best learn to read program in Chicago. If you want to learn more about Stepping Stones Together and our reading programs, please contact us directly today. 

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