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Best Learning Programs for Kids in Cook County

Learning is fundamental to our children’s growth and development. With the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept our nation and the globe – and the topsy turvy effects it’s had on our children’s education – plenty of parents are concerned about how best to ensure their children’s ongoing learning success. Fortunately, Stepping Stones Together provides one of the best learning programs for kids in Cook County. 

Learning Is Predicated on Excellent Reading Skills

The best way to advance your children’s learning is to advance their reading skills, and the Stepping Stones Together program is based on taking a six-step reading journey together, which includes:

  • You and your young learner will begin at your personalized homepage – where you’ll choose one of the stories that’s preselected for your child’s unique learning level.
  • To begin, you’ll read the story’s title to your child and will allow his or her imagination to flow by encouraging him or her to describe the story (from his or her vantage point) and to expound on the topic at hand (whatever it may be).
  • From here, you and your child will take a picture walk through the book and will string your own story together – based on the pictures you view. 
  • Now, the reading begins. You will encourage your early reader to read his or her chosen story while touching each word along the way (thus physically connecting reading and the written word). 
  • After the initial read-through, you’ll guide your child to extrapolate on the story by drawing and/or writing original responses to the prompts provided, which serve to enrich your child’s comprehension, to improve his or her reading recall, and to reinforce the high-frequency words found throughout the story.
  • Finally, you’ll head over to the Additional Practice tab on the homepage together. Here, you’ll find compelling reading games that engross your child and provide additional opportunities to connect with the reading experience more deeply. 

This reading journey can help instill the love of reading in your child, which is a fundamental building block in the learning process.   

Approaching Learning from Your Child’s Starting Point

An enriched learning process is not about providing cookie-cutter lessons that children either connect with or don’t. When the learning tools meet your child where he or she is at right now, it helps to make the learning experience more personal and helps to ensure that your child engages and maximizes his or her learning potential – all while participating in compelling activities that are designed with your child in mind. 

Enhance Your Child’s Learning with Stepping Stones Together

If you’re in the market for one of the best learning programs for kids in Cook County, look no further than Stepping Stones Together. Our individualized reading programs represent one of the basic building blocks of early learning, and your young one is sure to find the 15 to 20-minute daily journey as fun as you find it educational. With our free 7-day trial, there’s no risk involved, sign up today!

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