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Best Online Learn to Read Program in Cook County

Perhaps your child has been flipping through their favorite books, re-telling the story they memorized, and pretending they are reading the book. Maybe other similarly-aged children seem to be passing your child by when it comes to learning to read, and your child shows a desire to learn, as well. If your child has basic literacy skills, such as knowing the alphabet and how certain letters sound, it might be time to invest in the best online learn to read program in Cook County. Learn more about the Stepping Stones Together beginner reading program today. 

How it Works

Research indicates that family and parental involvement in the learning process is important when it comes to reading. In addition, we know that children have limited attention spans, so our program involves only spending up to 20 minutes per day. As long as you are consistent, this is all the time it can take for your child to begin their reading journey.

Our books are not the same as the children’s books you could pick up from the shelves, as they are carefully designed by experienced educators with a strong background in literacy. Every aspect of our books – including the spacing, word selection, font size, and illustrations – is intended to help create a strong foundation of basic reading that your child can continue to build on. You also have resources to check your child’s progress, development, and reading comprehension along the way. Should you need additional support, our team is ready to help. 

Why it Works

There are many reasons why our online reading program is so successful for parents and child readers alike. Some of these include:

  • Your child gets to help choose their materials based on what they are interested in reading and learning about, which makes the learning process fun. 
  • Our stories are largely focused on teaching your child the high-frequency words they need to learn to prevent reading frustration and obstacles.
  • We include useful illustrations to help your child connect the printed words to the story being told.
  • Our large spacing and font choices help your child develop print awareness, which establishes basic reading skills, such as understanding the nature of words. 
  • Our illustrations are black and white, so your child can color in the illustrations to bring about a personal connection to the story.
  • We include a personalized chart that you can use to track and celebrate your child’s reading progress. Positive recognition can go a long way in encouraging your child to keep reading.
  • We provide access to games and other supplemental materials that help you and your child continue this literacy process.

Find Out How the Best Online Learn to Read Program in Cook County Can Help Your Child

At Stepping Stones Together, our number one goal is to help parents help their children learn to read. Without the right guidance and resources, this can be a frustrating undertaking for many parents, and we are ready to help. Contact us for more information about the best online learn to read program in Cook County.

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