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Best Online Learn to Read Program in Illinois

Watching your child learn to read can be one of the most rewarding times in a parents’ lives. When your child begins to show interest in bedtime stories, repeating them throughout the day and following along as you turn the page, you might start to wonder if they are ready to learn how to read on their own. The Stepping Stones Together online learning to read program is designed to teach children the fundamental skills to help them become successful and strong readers. 

Signs that Your Child is Ready to Learn how to Read

Every child is unique in their timeline of learning to read, which is why it is important to learn to recognize the signs that they might be ready to start this process. Before signing up for the Stepping Stones Together beginning reader course, you want to ensure that your child is ready to begin this journey. To start, you can have your child take this test to determine if they are a good match for a beginning reader program.  

The Benefits of an Illinois Online Learn to Read Program

Parents know, probably better than almost anyone, how busy lives can be, and how quickly schedules can fill up. For this reason, it can be challenging to find the time to attend an in-person beginning to read class with your child. At Stepping Stones Together, we have simplified the process and created a program that you and your child can work through together, at your own pace. 

Some of the major benefits of signing up for the Stepping Stones Together online beginning reader program include:

  • Receiving materials that are customized for your child
  • Working at your own pace – you have the option to go at the pace that makes the most sense for your child.
  • Read together from the comfort of your own home
  • Dedicate just 15-20 minutes every day to the Stepping Stones Together program with your child to see remarkable results
  • Receive support and online guidance from our friendly staff
  • Celebrate your child’s milestones with our special achievement awards, which help to build your child’s excitement and confidence around their new reading skills. 

If your child is showing the signs that they are ready to start the exciting journey down the path of learning to read, sign up for Stepping Stones Together today! We have two different membership options to choose from, giving you the flexibility to make the right choice to meet the needs of your child. 

Learn More About the Best Online Learn to Read Program in Illinois

Teaching your child how to read can be both exciting and overwhelming. At Stepping Stones Together, our thoughtful beginning reader programs are created with the structure that will help your child become successful on their journey as they learn to read. If you would like more information about our courses, please feel free to contact us at any time! We are dedicated to helping your beginning reader find enjoyment and confidence as they develop this essential skill. 

Options Available

Three different membership programs are available. Click below to learn more.

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