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Best Program in Chicago to Learn to Read

Teaching your child to read can be one of the most rewarding, but also challenging experiences as a parent. Engaging your child in a thoughtful beginning reader course that was constructed for those children who are learning to read can make all of the difference. Your goal at this time is to emphasize the positive aspects of reading and minimize the frustrations of learning a new skill. 

For those who are looking to follow a structured program that was designed specifically for the beginning reader, Stepping Stones Together has several different options, each designed to meet the needs and pace of children and families across the Chicago area. Whether you are looking for a short term membership, an annual membership, or simply to test out our program with our free trial membership, we have several different options customized to what works best for you and your beginning reader.

What is Unique about our Beginning Reader Programs?

Every child processes information in a unique way. That said, many studies show that practicing is one of the most effective tools when teaching a child how to read. What exactly does this mean? At Stepping Stones Together, we have created a unique beginning reader program that focuses on teaching strategies for learning high-frequency words. 

Our course covers the 220 high-frequency words, and 95 nouns that many experts have found are the key to teaching reading skills to a beginning reader. Once your child is able to start identifying these high frequency and words that cannot be sounded out, they will be able to read up to 80 percentage of the content in the majority of children’s books. Understanding how to read these words helps to build confidence to sound out unfamiliar words and a feeling of success in your beginning reader.

How do you drive engagement?

In order to teach beginning readers how to identify and remember high-frequency words, it is first important to match them with content that they will enjoy. Engagement is the first step in making the process of reading fun. For this reason, our programs offer a large variety of popular children’s story themes to choose from. Giving your child the ability to focus on the topics that they are already interested in will help to increase buy-in from your beginning reader. 

One of the goals of the Stepping Stones Together program is to help your child have fun as they are learning to read. Engaging topics, large fonts and spacing, and dynamic illustrations make learning how to read an enjoyable activity. 

Enroll your Child in the Best Program in Chicago to Learn to Read Today!

Watching your child learn to read and develop successful reading habits can be an invaluable experience as a parent. By spending just 15 to 20 minutes a day engaging in the activities and lessons that are included in the Stepping Stones Together beginning reader course, you can see remarkable progress as your child starts to learn how to read. If you would like to learn more about our courses and our methodology, contact us today to discuss the needs of your particular beginning reader. We are happy to match you with the program that works best for you. 

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