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Best Program in Chicago to Teach My Child to Read

Many parents who are starting to think about how to teach their children to read might begin to wonder if there are any tools that will help them achieve success and reduce frustration during this process. At Stepping Stones Together, we have a vetted and easy to follow method that makes our beginner reader courses among the best programs in Chicago. 

How to Identify if your Child is Ready to Start Learning to Read

While it might be tempting to assume that because your child is a certain age, they are ready to learn how to read, that is not always the case. At Stepping Stones Together, we know that starting a child in a learn to read program before they are ready can be a cause of great frustration. Every child is unique, and therefore, children become ready to start learning to read at different ages. For this reason, identifying the signs that your child is ready to begin to learn to read is the first step. Here are some of the hallmarks to look for: 

  1. Before considering if now is the right time to start teaching your child how to read, ask yourself if this is something that they are currently interested in. If your child is showing signs that they would like to learn how to read, they will typically be more successful in a beginning reader program. Some signs to look for:
  • They have their favorite story memorized
  • They follow along and retell their favorite story as you are reading
  • They use their own words to retell stories 

2. The first step in determining whether or not your child is ready to enter a Stepping Stones Together course is if they know the alphabet and can distinguish both upper and lower case letters. You can have your child take our alphabet test in order to determine their level of knowledge before enrolling in a course. 

3. Your child should also know the majority of the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. To check if your child has a fundamental understanding of the sound each letter can make, you can click here

  • Children should have a grasp on the concept of printed language. What does this mean? In addition to showing an interest in the act of reading and having a basic understanding of the letters and sounds of the alphabet, your child should grasp that words are made up of letters, spaces signify individual words and that you read a sentence from left to right. 

Chicago Parents – Learn More about the Best Program in Chicago to Teach Your Child How to Read

Learning to read is an exciting and rewarding time in a child’s life. Finding the right program to help your child through this process can reap enormous benefits. If your child meets the criteria listed above, please contact us to learn more about the best Stepping Stones Together course for them. We have the resources and tools to help your child become a confident and happy reader. 

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