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Best Reading Programs for Kids Chicago

If you want to foster a creative and curious spirit in your child, working with the best reading programs for kids in Chicago is a must. Stepping Stones Together is proud to offer comprehensive and proven reading programs designed to help children of all ages develop their reading skills and increase their confidence and love for learning. With as little as 15 minutes a day, you can elevate your child’s reading comprehension and establish an unbreakable foundation for a lifetime of learning and success.

Benefits of Early Reading

Reading is at the core of education. The inability to read, poor concentration, and failure to properly comprehend materials leads to frustration and poor classroom performance. Supporting your child on their early literacy journey reduces the chances of falling behind their peers in an academic setting as well as behavioral and mental development. By investing time in the best reading programs for kids in Chicago, you’re providing your child with:

  • Educational Benefits: When you expose your child to learning at a young age, you’re helping to open the door for your child’s academic future. When you work with your child as soon as they begin displaying reading readiness, you help enhance comprehension skills, increase attention span, elevate concentration, and improve linguistic skills.
  • Neurological Benefits: Your child’s early years are among the most critical and developmental times in their life. As your child grows, the brain’s connections begin to develop and expand, allowing for faster learning. When you work with your child to read, you’re expanding brain development and functioning, as well as introducing a love for learning and reading that will last a lifetime.
  • Psychological Benefits: Working with your child to read in the home environment helps eliminate the pressure of outside judgment by peers, allowing your child to learn at their own pace. Additionally, reading at an early age helps foster creativity, curiosity, and independence. These attributes are essential for their formative years and lend themselves to a lifetime of success in all areas of their life. 
  • Social Benefits: Reading and the triumph of learning that words on pages have a meaning helps your child develop higher self-esteem and assurance in their abilities. This allows your child to interact with peers more competently and confidently and increases their ability to create connections with their family members, classmates, and teachers. 

Our Reading Programs

Stepping Stones Together’s reading programs center around parental involvement. With your help, your child will develop their literacy skills while having fun and strengthening your bond. All of our reading programs for kids in Chicago include personalized elements that promote a love for reading, including:

  • Behavioral Incentive Charts
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Educational Games
  • 90 High-Interest Stories
  • Daily Writing Activities

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