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Best Reading Programs for Kids in Illinois

One of the most exciting moments as a parent is watching your child learn to read. Ensure your child starts their journey on the right footing with Stepping Stones Together. We offer the best reading programs for kids in Illinois that kick-start your child’s love for reading.

Teach Your Child to Read With Our 6-Step Reading Program

Stepping Stones Together believes that teaching your child to read doesn’t need to be a difficult, stressful experience. With the right tools, your child will learn essential literacy skills. Our reading program utilizes a 6 step journey:

  1. Help your child select a story to begin from your personal homepage. Be sure to choose a story that is at your child’s reading level.
  2. On the first day, read the title aloud to your child, and ask them to predict what will happen in the story. You may also ask them what they know about the story’s topic, which might feature sports, superheroes or another subject your child is interested in. 
  3. Take a “picture walk” through the story. You and your child will view the pictures and make predictions about what is happening in the story. 
  4. After getting familiar with the book, your child will read the story independently. Be sure to have them put their finger on the words as they read. 
  5. Each story has a pre-populated writing prompt. Have your child respond to the prompt, whether through writing or drawing, to enhance their understanding and use of high-frequency words. 
  6. Select a fun game from the “Additional Practice” tab on your child’s homepage. Pairing the story with a game helps to build a strong connection with the newly learned vocabulary. 

Benefits of Our Online Reading Program

Every parent wants the best for their child, and education is one of the most fundamental parts of your child’s success. Ensuring your child starts off right is key, and Stepping Stones Together is here to lend you a hand. Our program was designed by literacy experts who empathize with the many stresses of a modern-day family. As a parent, you juggle many personal and professional responsibilities that consume much of your day, which leaves you little time to provide your child with reading lessons. Our program is a powerful tool that makes it possible for your child to learn to read:

  • Personalized Program. A common struggle for parents is to keep their child engaged with the reading materials. Our program circumvents that through a personalized, easy-to-use program. Your child will love reading stories about their favorite topics, as well as playing supplemental games. 
  • Fundamental Skills. A major factor in your child’s success is whether they learn the necessary literacy skills from the get go. Our program reinforces the reading process, comprehension and vocabulary. 
  • Accessible. Teach your child to read in the comfort of your own home. With just a click, you’ll have access to more than 90 online stories designed to be both educational and enjoyable. 

Take Our Online Test Today

If you are interested in using the best reading programs for kids in Illinois, have your child take our online literacy test to determine whether they are ready to get started. 

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