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Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers Chicago

Reading is the cornerstone of life. Without the ability to read, many of our day-to-day tasks would be impossible to complete. From navigating new areas to ordering food at a restaurant, we use the literary skills learned as children to pilot our lives. At Stepping Stones Together, we understand the importance of reading and work to help those who are falling behind to grow their literacy and comprehension skills. We have some of the best reading programs for struggling readers in Chicago and provide research-based stories and activities to help you bolster your child’s learning.

Why Is My Child Struggling to Read?

It’s no secret that learning to read isn’t the easiest developmental task in the early years. Many children struggle with learning to read for various reasons, many of which are at no fault of their own. Understanding why your child is falling behind their peers is essential to helping them catch up and surpass their classmates’ skills. Many parents worry that when their child fails to meet literary milestones, they face a learning disability. While these disabilities impact a student’s ability to concentrate on and comprehend what they are reading, several other factors can influence a struggling reader:

  • Limited access or exposure to books: One of the best ways to learn any new skill is to have an experience with it. If your child has had limited exposure to books and other reading materials, it may hinder their capacity to learn to read. 
  • Sparse phonemic awareness: The ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds in words plays a key role in learning to read. Breaking each word down into the unique sounds each letter creates helps children to form connections between letters and sounds, and the words they create. 
  • Hearing and/or speech issues: If your child struggles with speech impediments or hearing issues, they will have a harder time learning to read. These impairments make it difficult to identify and utilize the sounds associated with letters and words.

With the help of personalized reading programs, you and your child can overcome the difficulties posed by the above issues and more and surpass reading milestones.

How Our Reading Reading Programs Help Struggling Readers

Stepping Stones Together was founded by Dr. Erika Burton, an experienced educator who channels her passion for learning into supporting parents and students with early literacy. After realizing that there was a severe lack of online reading programs and resources for parents with children struggling with comprehension skills, Dr. Burton set out to develop an interactive and enriching program that parents could utilize in the comfort of their homes. Through fun and interactive activities, Stepping Stones Together has grown to be one of the best reading programs for struggling readers in Chicago. When you join our program, you will receive access to 90 engaging, themed stories, incentive charts, games, and invaluable resources from Dr. Burton herself that will engage both you and your child in the journey to literacy.

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If you worry about your child’s inability to comprehend what they are reading on the page fully, consider joining Stepping Stones Together. Through the use of our best reading programs for struggling readers in Chicago, you can help boost your child’s literacy and comprehension skills and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and fulfillment.


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