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Best reading programs for struggling readers in Chicago

One of the most exciting times for a parent is watching their child grow, and learning to read is an important part of that process. Literacy has a profound impact on your child’s future, so getting a head start is key to building a solid understanding of the essentials. Utilizing an online reading program created by literacy experts is among the most effective ways to ensure your child develops good reading habits, and Stepping Stones Together is here to guide your child along his or her journey. We provide the best reading programs for struggling readers in Chicago, so if your kid could use a helping hand learning to comprehend stories, we have the tools you need. 

Discover the Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers in Chicago

Many parents have a hard time encouraging their child to read. Without clear guidance, the experience can be tedious for both of you. Stepping Stones Together strives to make the learning process much simpler. A reading program supports your child’s ability to read independently and promotes a love for reading. 

If your child is struggling to read, he or she may simply not be interested in the materials you’re providing. Parents often wonder why their child has trouble concentrating, and many times, it’s a matter of generating interest. We want children to have a fondness for reading that lasts for years, so we make reading exciting by pairing the process with fun, colorful illustrations to keep your child interested. Our programs also feature interactive games and activities that give your child something to look forward to. 

How It Works

Our program for struggling readers teaches the basics of reading alongside comprehension. Each book features fun themes that kids enjoy. Plus, since each lesson lasts for only 15 to 20 minutes a day, it doesn’t require large investments of your time. Shorter durations of reading helps your child concentrate and make the most of each lesson. 

Founded on Research

One of the reasons our reading program is so effective is because it is founded on scientific studies about literacy and developed by experts. Family literacy programs are connected to a child’s future academic achievement, and we utilize the research on this topic as we curated a program that fosters a love for reading both now and years later. Our reading programs also integrate the following, which serve as building blocks for literacy: 

  • The choice and location of illustrations within the stories 
  • Self-checks for comprehension
  • The 6 steps of the reading journey
  • Font size and spacing

Learning to Read at Home is Easy

The quality of your child’s education is essential to their future successes, and if you’re concerned about their ability to read, consider utilizing a reading program at home. There are many benefits to using online reading programs, even if your child is in school. Parents becoming an active part of their child’s learning journey promotes confidence and doesn’t involve much time investment, especially with Stepping Stones Together. An individualized reading program suits your child’s specific needs and learning style, so consider trying our free 7-day trial. 

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