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Learn to Read for Kids in Illinois

One of the most exciting milestones for a parent to experience is when their child learns to read. Introducing your child to the world of literature is rewarding and memorable. Those parents who are looking to begin teaching their child how to read can benefit from learning more about the Stepping Stones Together program. We have been supporting parents in Illinois to teach their children to read and established an effective and easy-to-use program. 

When is your child ready to start reading?

Many parents introduce literature into their children’s lives from the day they are born. This could involve a nightly bedtime story, alphabet songs, literary-focused television programs, or any other number of resources that promote reading. While reading is a skill that is essential for all children to learn, it can be daunting for parents to recognize when they can start actively teaching this to their child. Parents often worry that if they push their child to read before they are ready, they will be met with resistance and potentially even turn their child off of the idea altogether. 

Stepping Stones Together reading program has developed a straightforward method for determining if your child is currently ready to start learning how to read

  • Children should know how to recognize the letters of the alphabet. This includes identifying upper and lower case letters. You can test your child’s ability to recognize the individual letters of the alphabet here.
  • Children should be able to sound out each of the letters of the alphabet. You can test your child’s ability to sound out letters of the alphabet here

Learn how to Teach Fundamental Reading Skills

Once your child is ready to begin learning, your first question might be, how do I teach these reading skills effectively? The Stepping Stones Together program allows you to invest short increments of time, just 15-20 minutes per day, to teach your child how to read. By concentrating your efforts in these small blocks of time, your child is more likely to stay focused and engaged on the task at hand. 

The program offers a variety of different resources and activities to keep your child moving towards the path of becoming a skilled reader. These include: 

  • 90 different stories arranged by reading level.
  • A daily writing program that encourages creative thought and exploration.
  • Extension games that help your child link their reading skills to playing fun games.
  • Choice of book selection that helps your child feel empowered in their reading journey.

Programs for Learning to Read for Kids in Illinois

If you believe that your child is reading to start learning how to read, contact Stepping Stones Together to find out how our program has helped parents teach these fundamental skills to their children. Our programs range from 90-days to a full year, so pick whichever is best for your family. We also offer a seven-day free trial, so there is no risk – try out our services and see if this is the right program for your child’s individual needs. 

Options Available

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