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There will be a time in your child’s life when they start to show signs that they are more engaged with the stories that you are reading to them. Maybe they are following along and tracing the words on the page with their fingers. Maybe they talk about the stories that you read at bedtime throughout the day, weaving the plotlines into their everyday conversation. Or maybe they have memorized certain parts of the story, insisting that they tell this part, while you listen to their imaginative recap. 

Is Your Child Ready to Start Learning how to Read?

There are several ways to identify if your child is ready to start learning how to read, and Stepping Stones Together beginning reader program is here to help! To start, ask yourself the question – is my child interested in reading? This is an important question because if a child is already curious about reading, they will be much more excited and engaged in the process of learning how to read. 

If the answer to this question is “yes,” your next step will be to test your child to see if they can:

  • Identify the letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order
  • Identify the sound that each of the letters of the alphabet makes

Once you have confirmed that your child can identify the shape and sound of each letter of the alphabet, is interested in reading, and understands the concept of how words are laid out from left to right on a page, they are ready to start learning how to read

Our Courses are Customized for Your Child

Every child is different, and for this reason, we understand how important it is for you, as a parent, to have flexibility while teaching your child how to read. One of the benefits of enrolling in an online learning to read program is that you have the flexibility to progress and your child’s own preferred pace. You and your child have the option to spend time working through the course daily, or you can opt to take as long as you’d like. 

For those who plan to spend between 15-20 minutes a day working on the Stepping Stones Together beginning reader course with their child, the 90-day membership might be the right choice for you. This program is just $19.99 and includes reading materials, games, and more! For those who are on a slower track, the annual membership gives you the option to access all of the course materials for a full year for just $39.99. We believe that access to help teach your child how to read in Chicago should be affordable and easy for everyone. 

Chicago Parents, Seek Out Learn to Read Help in Chicago Today

Teaching your child how to read can be daunting, exciting, and challenging. Stepping Stones Together is here to help teach your children the fundamental reading skills and celebrate their milestones. Contact us at any time to ask questions and learn more! We are here and happy to help.

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