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Reading is a fundamental skill, and teaching this in a positive, supportive way can help your child develop a life-long love of literature. Teaching a child to read can be a daunting task for parents, especially as this is such an important milestone in a child’s life. While parents often understand the importance of teaching this skill, many times, they are unsure of how to begin or what tools they will need. The Stepping Stones Together online reading program gives parents a roadmap for teaching their children how to read. 

How does the Online Reading Program Work?

We understand that parents have limited time and children have a limited attention span. By making a time investment of just 15-20 minutes a day, the Stepping Stones Together program can help you teach your child how to read. We offer a variety of different materials, depending on your child’s individual reading level. Your child’s customized reading program will be available online from your individual homepage. 

  • Start by selecting a story to read together from your online homepage. It is important for your child to feel involved in the selection process, as it has been shown to encourage their interest and ownership in learning to read. 
  • Next, review the title of the story and discuss what it might mean. Ask your child to make a prediction as to what could happen in the story based on the information that you have learned from the title. This helps to encourage engagement and curiosity. Listen to your child’s ideas and ask follow-up questions asking them to share more or expand on what they have already shared. 
  • Open the book and look at the picture and drawings on each page. See what type of clues your child picks up from these images. Can they make further predictions as to what might happen in the story? This helps your child start to form a narrative and look for clues as they begin to read through the book. At this point, they still haven’t begun to look at the words, but they are starting to become curious about the story. 
  • Have your child lead reading the story. If they get to a word that they are unsure of, help them to sound out that word, starting with the first letter. This can take some time, so be patient and remember that this learning process helps to boost your children’s confidence that they can figure things out on their own. Children who are familiar with their ABCs will be able to recognize letters in each word and, with some help, can use this knowledge to make connections and pronounce new words. 

Start Teaching Your Child to Read Online

If you are ready to start teaching your child how to read, reach out to Stepping Stones Together to learn more about our online programs. We offer a no-risk, free 7-day trial where you will have access to all of the books online, and you can ease into the reading program that works best for your child.

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