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Online Learn to Read Program in Chicago

Recognizing that your child is ready to start learning how to read is an exciting time in any parent’s life. Introducing your child to this new skill that will, hopefully, become a lifelong passion is a major milestone for families with young children. That said, there can be frustration for both parents, who do not have the experience teaching, and children, who are diving into a brand new area that they are unfamiliar with. Luckily, there is help available. 

The Stepping Stones Together Chicago Online Reading Program

For years, our online reading program at Stepping Stones together has helped families who are struggling to get started teaching their children how to read. While many families understand how important it is to approach this milestone and teach their children how to read, they lack the skills and resources to begin. This can make the whole process of teaching a child how to read feel quite overwhelming. Our program at Stepping Stones Together provides a customized learning experience for new readers. By setting aside just 15-20 minutes a day, you can help your child learn this essential skill. 

Understanding How the Online Reading Program Works

The key to the success of our reading program is flexibility and timing. We provide the resources, and you select the books and activities that match your child’s interest and reading level. With your Stepping Stones Together membership, you will receive access to a variety of online tools designed to help your child learn how to read. These include: 

  • Access to the beginning reading library, with 90 high interest-themed stories across three different reading levels for your child to choose from. Studies have shown that encouraging children to select the stories that they begin to read increases interest and improves learning. 
  • Daily writing activities that are connected to the themes and reading materials that your child has selected. Children often are able to more easily process the concepts of the literature that they are reading when they write about these stories. 
  • Extension games that are designed to help your child connect to the content of their reading materials through play. Reading is meant to be fun and enjoyable! Introducing a set of games that are an extension of the content that your child is reading has shown to be an effective way to help them feel more engaged and excited to continue learning how to read.
  • More than 100 reading comprehension questions that parents can use as a tool when working through the reading library with their beginning readers. Taking the time to discuss themes and ask questions before, during, and after your child is reading through the book that they have selected is an important part of the process. 

Learn More about Stepping Stones Together Online Learn to Read Program in Chicago Today!

When your child is ready to begin the exciting process of learning how to read, Stepping Stones Together is here to help! Learn more about our process, sign up for a free trial today!

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