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Online Learn to Read Program in Illinois

If your child’s eyes light up when talking about their favorite bedtime story, it may be time to begin reading lessons. As a parent, you no doubt want your child to learn such foundational skills as soon as possible. However, you also want to determine the best course of action so your child gets off on the right footing. Stepping Stones Together makes the process simple. With our online learn to read program in Illinois, parents can spend under 20 minutes a day teaching their child to read. We proudly offer reading programs for children of all ages that make learning to read a stress-free experience. 

The Benefits of Learning to Read With An Online Program

Cultivating your child’s interest in reading and transforming it into a newfound passion is possible with the right tools. Stepping Stones Together’s goal is to provide those tools to guide kids as they navigate a newfound world of literacy. We’ve utilized scientific research in the creation of our reading program to maximize success. In order for your child to build a connection to the story, our program integrates several factors:

  • Hands-On Learning. One way to keep a child engaged is through activities that let them actively participate in the story. From coloring books to fun games, our program has a variety of activities to make the experience enjoyable.
  • Text Formatting. The size and spacing of the font is essential to helping your child navigate the materials. We use larger text and bigger spaces between words so your child can fully understand the direction in which text is read.
  • Incentives. Everyone wants their hard work to be recognized, and our reading program does exactly that. Your child can see his or her progress on a personalized printable chart.

When combined together, these factors support your child’s progress and motivates them to continue. We understand that learning to read isn’t always as simple as sitting down with your child and having them read a book. There’s much to consider, and our online reading program covers them all. You and your child will enjoy a number of benefits with Stepping Stones Together:

  • Enjoyable. Motivation is a major factor in encouraging your child to read. Forcing reading lessons is often only counterintuitive since your child will become restless and frustrated. The stories and illustrations used in our program feature a wide variety of topics and use activities to make the process enjoyable.
  • Convenience. Since our reading program is online, there’s no need to shuttle your child to private reading lessons. Both of you can enjoy these programs right in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Success. When implemented correctly, our online reading program is highly successful in both teaching essential literacy knowledge as well as a genuine interest in reading. 

Begin an Online Learn to Read Program in Illinois Today

Do you think it’s time for your child to start reading? Stepping Stones Together provides an expert-created online learn-to-read program in Illinois that lets your child achieve the goals you’ve set. Subscribe and try our online tests today!


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