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Online Reading Programs for Struggling Readers Chicago

Stepping Stones Together provides online reading programs for struggling readers. Chicago parents often have trouble due to time constraints and challenges on the child’s part. We aim to make teaching your child to read simple and fun through educational online programs. In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, your child will learn essential reading skills that support their success throughout their life. 

Determining if Your Child is Ready to Begin Learning to Read

While it’s understandable to want your child to start reading as soon as possible, there are a few possible issues that may arise if your child starts too early. Our program is designed for young beginning readers, but it’s most effective if your child has basic literacy skills. Your child should know the alphabet, recognize lower and upper case letters and know letter sounds. We have a Sound Test that determines whether your child knows the necessary letter sounds, as well as an Alphabet Test. It’s recommended that your child takes these tests prior to signing up for our lessons. 

What Makes Our Program Effective

Finding the right learning program is essential to making sure your child develops a lifelong passion for reading. Stepping Stones Together has created a high quality reading program that supports your child’s long-term success. Our program integrates several important aspects that make it very effective: 

  • Over 200 High-Frequency Words. Our stories include 220 high-frequency words that children should learn to become successful beginning readers. These words are presented in a fun, colorful format that kids enjoy.
  • Illustrations. Illustrations have been shown to help build a stronger connection between the printed words and their meaning. Linking illustrations to the text helps beginning readers understand the story and let them become successful. 
  • Engaging Activities. Learning to read is exciting when stories are paired with enjoyable activities. From coloring books to interactive games, our program utilizes various activities that encourage your child’s motor skills and creative thinking. 
  • Incentives. Keeping your child motivated can be challenging, but our program makes it straightforward. We ensure all of your child’s efforts are rewarded through a customized daily behavior chart. Print out the chart and record your child’s progress to show how far they’ve come. 
  • Text Arrangement. Our stories feature text that uses careful spacing and large fonts to help the child navigate the page. This is essential to ensuring your child learns print awareness. 

We make it possible for your child to continue along a path of success through our integrative reading program. We offer several membership options at affordable prices, as well as free tutorials and trial membership. 

To Begin Online Reading Programs for Struggling Readers, Chicago Families Should Choose Stepping Stones Together

If you’d like your child to begin online reading programs for struggling readers, Chicago parents should consider Stepping Stones Together. Your child deserves nothing less than the best, and our expert-created program supports their long-term learning goals. Have your child try our online tests today to see if it’s time to begin.  

Options Available

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