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Online Reading Programs in Illinois

Every parent looks forward to watching their child learn and grow. Reading skills are an essential part of your child’s future, so if you think your child is ready to read, view our reading programs at Stepping Stones Together. We have the best online reading programs in Illinois that were created by education experts. Our reading programs will unlock your child’s love for reading. 

We Offer the Best Online Reading Programs in Illinois

Seeing your child retell his or her favorite bedtime stories to you is a cherished moment for any parent. If you think it’s time to teach your child to read, you are likely searching for the best reading programs available. Teaching your child to read is a challenge on its own, so you need the right tools to make the process easier. We offer a variety of fun books that your child will use to practice their reading skills.

Our reading programs use beautiful illustrations and fun activities to keep your child interested. For just 15 to 20 minutes a day, your child will work through a story of his choice, exercising his skills in reading comprehension, learn to pronounce and identify high-frequency words and much more. You’ll be pleased by how our reading programs encourage your child to continue to improve. 

Is It Time For Your Child to Learn to Read?

Just because your child has reached a certain age doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to start reading. Every child learns at their own pace, so before trying our reading program, you must determine whether your child is ready. We offer a helpful test to see whether your child has the basic skills necessary to use our program.

The Advantages of Using Online Reading Programs in Illinois

Parents are well-versed with leading busy lives. Even if teaching your child to read is one of your priorities, it’s unlikely that you have enough time and resources to do so. Stepping Stones Together recognizes that parents need short yet effective reading programs that fit neatly into their schedules. Our programs take less than 20 minutes a day yet truly make a difference in your child’s reading skills! 

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Stepping Stones Together reading program:

  • Reading materials are customized for your child
  • You set the pace at which your child progresses from lesson to lesson
  • Your child’s reading skills improve rapidly by investing just 15 to 20 minutes a day to our program
  • Our friendly staff is here whenever you need assistance 

Discover the full range of benefits by signing up for our reading program now!

Stepping Stones Together Get Your Child Excited to Read

At Stepping Stones Together, we believe the key to teaching any child to read is to make it enjoyable. You’ll be proud of your child when she looks forward to her daily reading lessons. If you believe your child is ready to try our program, take our test, and sign up for the best online reading programs in Illinois. 

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