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Reading Program for Children in Chicago

When your child begins the exciting journey of learning to read, it is helpful to work with a program that is especially designed to encourage young readers. The Stepping Stones Together reading program has been helping children in Chicago learn to read for many years. One of the best features of this program is that you can do everything online and at your own speed. No two new readers are exactly alike, and every journey to mastering literature is a unique experience. Therefore, our reading program for children in Chicago is flexible and curated especially for different reading levels. We offer a variety of resources to help every child learn to read. 

Reading Programs that Work for Children in Chicago

Maybe you’ve looked into other online reading programs in the past and just couldn’t find the perfect one to meet your child’s individual needs. Stepping Stones Together has been proven to succeed because we understand that children need personalized options, and they also need to feel invested in the process of learning how to read. 

The first step is to determine if your child is ready to start learning how to read by testing their pre-reading skills. If your child is ready to start learning how to read, you can begin the program

How the program works: 

  • Choose a story to read together – Your child can select a story from their online homepage. These stories are pre-selected for your child’s reading level. Research shows that encouraging your child to choose the story that they want to read helps develop a sense of ownership that is essential for teaching and encouraging a child to learn how to read. 
  • Discuss the title, take a “picture walk” through the book, and make predictions about what the story might be about. Having these conversations before your child starts to read the book can help them to develop an idea of what the story is about before they get started. 
  • Have your child take the lead when reading through the story for the first time. Encourage them to go slow when reading through this first eight-sentence book that is accompanied by illustrations that give clues as to what is happening in the text. 
  • Read the story twice! Repetition is another important piece of the process, and reading a story a second time helps your child work through words and concepts that they might not have fully grasped the first time around. 

You can download our guide, which will walk you through how to use the Stepping Stones Together learn to read program and will outline the resources available. 

Learn More about Our Reading Program for Children in Chicago

Teaching a child to read is one of the most rewarding experiences that a parent can go through, but it also comes with challenges and times of frustration. At Stepping Stones Together, our programs are focused on helping children to read through engagement, choices, and play. Contact us to learn more about our methods or sign up for a free trial to see what it’s all about!

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