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Reading opens up children’s lives in exciting ways that bolster their imagination and increase their learning independence. With most preschools and schools experiencing confusing shifts and changes due to the global pandemic, many parents are concerned about their children’s overall learning and their reading skills specifically (especially for early learners). Learning to read is a journey that parents can take with their children, and Stepping Stones Together offers a reading program for kids that resonates with young readers and their parents alike. 

Our Reading Program

The Stepping Stones Together program focuses on reinforcing the small goals that your child achieves during each reading session and building from there. We begin with the basics, but we personalize them for your child and his or her interests and skill level. Our stories start with themes that draw your child in and that reinforce comprehension along the way. Parent involvement is a key factor in our program’s success rate, and your participation transforms the learning environment into a space that is both familiar and exciting. In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, you will help hone your child’s reading readiness while fostering a more personal connection to reading that can last a lifetime.

Parental Involvement

Research clearly demonstrates that family involvement plays a pivotal role in literacy programs, and this extends not only to reading but also to writing skills, overall learning, and even academic achievement. While our stories are kid-friendly, visually inviting, and fun, there’s a lot more to it than just that. We incorporate all of the following learning tools into a reading romp that never feels like homework (for you or your child):

  • A six-step reading journey that builds upon itself and is self-reinforcing
  • Learning comprehension check-ins that reinforce your child’s reading gains and that light the learning path forward
  • Font size and spacing that are geared toward early learning (and that don’t inadvertently act as a stumbling block)
  • Carefully chosen and placed illustrations throughout the reading material that help move your child forward in the reading process

Our program is thoughtfully designed to address the needs of early readers. Instead of putting traditional, stodgy learning programs into shiny new packaging, we started over at the beginning. In the process, we’ve poured our hearts and efforts into meeting children where they are in the learning continuum – and we made sure to make it fun and interactive along the way. 

Need a Reading Program for Kids? Stepping Stones Together Is Here for You

As a parent, you’re naturally interested in providing your child with every academic advantage, but it can feel overwhelming. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case. Early learning is about taking consistent steps forward, and when you take those steps along with your child, it helps enrich their growth and learning. In fact, the Stepping Stones Together program is based on this interactive, individualized learning approach. In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, you and your young reader can take a journey that is an investment in your child’s educational future. And with our 7-day free trial, you can move forward confident in the knowledge that the program is a good fit for you and your child before making an investment. 

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