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Reading Program for Kindergartener

Starting the journey of learning to read is an exciting and often challenging experience for every family. Parents are the first teachers that children are exposed to, and they can help to establish positive learning habits even before a child enters a classroom. Reading is one of the most important skills that your child will learn in their early years.

When a child starts kindergarten, they will be introduced to many different learning experiences and ways of processing information. While it might feel like you are a bit disconnected from your child’s day-to-day learning, there are many ways that parents can remain engaged in the process of helping their children learn how to read. Remember that family literacy, or the time that you spend reading with your child at home outside of the school environment, is an important practice in an early learner’s development. 

Parents Play an Important Role

Every parent plays an important role in their Kindergarteners’ process of learning how to read. To stay engaged and continue to help your child progress as an early reader, ask your child to share with you what they’re learning at school so that you can help them to continue these practices at home. 

  • Continue to read books at home and use the strategies that your child is taught at school to practice learning to read.
  • Introduce your child to books with subjects that align with their current interests, and select stories that are within your child’s current reading level. Practice reading the same book a few times in order for your child to become comfortable and confident figuring out the plot and sounding out words on their own. 
  • Talk through the stories with your child, giving them time to discuss key themes and to identify recurring words and their meanings. 
  • Studies have found that having your child practice their writing while they are learning to read can lock in key concepts and help them with reading comprehension as well. 

A Reading Program for Kindergarteners

The Stepping Stones Together reading program is designed to help Kindergartener who is beginning to learn how to read. The program is a helpful supplement to what children learn in the classroom and gives them the structure to continue to practice these skills at home. Children are provided with a variety of books to choose from. Parents can set aside just 15 minutes each evening to practice reading with their children. Repetition and consistency are the keys to a successful early reader. Working with a proven reading program in addition to practice in the classroom can be helpful for early readers. 

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Selecting the right reading program that best meets your child’s needs is an important decision. At Stepping Stones Together, we offer a free trial membership at no risk, so you can try our program and see if it’s right for you. If you’d like to learn more or have questions about the program, contact us by filling out the online contact form.

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