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Reading Programs For Children In Illinois

If it’s time for your child to learn to read, you likely feel excited as a new chapter begins in their life. However, you are also concerned about your child building strong reading habits in a way that requires a low-time investment on your part. Stepping Stones Together provides reading programs for children in Illinois that integrate a technical understanding of literacy with engaging, vibrantly illustrated stories. For just 15 to 20 minutes each day, you and your child will explore literacy and learn to read together—all in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be proud as you watch your child fall in love with reading. 

Is it Time for My Child to Learn to Read?

While many parents may wish to kick-start their child’s literacy skills, it is possible to begin too soon. Our programs are designed with young children in mind, but some children may need to wait for a while to ensure our lessons are most effective. The timing is important, so before diving into reading lessons, there are a few things to consider: 

  • Basic Skills Needed. Our program is designed to help young children build reading comprehension skills and teach them to navigate stories. However, a few basic skills are expected, such as recognizing letters and understanding the difference between upper and lower case letters. 
  • Navigating Text. Additionally, our program is most effective if the child knows how to read text, which involves reading from left to right, and understanding that words are formed by groups of letters separated by space. 
  • Genuine Interest. Any parent who’s tried to teach an uninterested child knows how frustrating it can be for both of them. Speak to your child and see if reading interests them. If they seem excited, that’s a strong clue that they may be ready. 
  • Comprehension. Since learning to read builds reading comprehension, see if they are prepared. Ask them to explain a story using their own words. 

If your child expresses interest in reading and can identify letters of the alphabet, have them take our online tests to gauge their reading level. These tests examine their ability to recognize alphabet sounds and other important skills that are necessary to successfully learn to read.

Outstanding Reading Programs for Children in Illinois

Building strong literacy skills from the get-go ensures that your child’s love for reading continues throughout their life. A solid foundation helps your child identify the most basic parts of navigating stories while expanding their reading capabilities both now and in the future. Stepping Stones Together was founded on a simple mission: to create a reading program that’s not only effective, but fun. Many children lose motivation to read when they are not interested in the material, or if they become frustrated when they struggle. We circumvent these issues with a reading program that’s designed by literacy experts. 

Get Started Today

Reading opens doors for your child. If you’re interested in the possibilities that our reading programs for children in Illinois have to offer, have your child take our skill assessment test today. 

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