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When you help your child become a better reader, you open doors for both of you. When children can read on their own, it represents another step toward independence and increased confidence. Stepping Stones Together is an online reading program that addresses the individual strengths and challenges of every child who takes this reading journey with us. 

How the Program Works

Our early reader program begins with the basics, including personalized books with fun, relatable themes that reinforce reading comprehension. We leverage parental involvement into an exciting learning environment that not only helps foster your child’s love of learning but also helps prepare him or her for reading readiness – all in just 15 to 20 minutes each day. 


The Stepping Stones Together program is predicated on parental involvement, and this is backed by the preponderance of research, which demonstrates exactly how important family literacy programs are when it comes to promoting not only reading but also writing and overall academic achievement. The books and stories that make up our program aren’t just cute, inviting, and youthfully topical – they also pack in all of the following (which help support the basic building blocks of reading):

  • The font size and spacing in the reading material
  • The selection and placement of illustrations in the reading material
  • The 6-step reading journey 
  • The learning comprehension self-checks 

Literacy Begins at Home

Many parents are concerned about the quality of reading education their children are receiving during the pandemic and want to ensure that they get the reading boost they need – but aren’t sure how to accomplish this. Stepping Stones Together provides an accessible opportunity for parents to jump into action with very little time-investment but with the confidence that comes from actively engaging in their children’s learning journey. Additionally, our program takes an individualized approach that addresses every child’s unique learning style, and we have a membership plan for everyone, including a free 7-day trial that allows you to try our 6-step program on for size. 

We Can Help You Teach Your Child to Read

Our six-step reading program provides you with a path toward learning that you and your child can take together. Each step advances your child’s reading skills, and they include:

  • Step 1: Choose a story from your personalized homepage
  • Step 2: Read the title to your child and encourage him or her to imagine how the story will unfold
  • Step 3: Join your child on a picture walk through of the book
  • Step 4: Encourage your child to touch each word as he or she reads the story to you
  • Step 5: Guide your child to write/and or draw a response to the writing prompt
  • Step 6: Hit the Additional Practice tab on your homepage and reinforce what your child has learned with fun and engaging games. 

Help Guide Your Child’s Reading with Stepping Stones Together

With Stepping Stones Together, you and your child can bond over your shared love of reading – while you help reinforce strong reading skills. Sign up today to teach your child to read.

Options Available

Three different membership programs are available. Click below to learn more.

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