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Nothing is more exciting as a parent than watching your child learn and grow, and you want to foster that curiosity into lifelong skills. As your child begins to show interest in reading, you’ll want the right tools that give you the opportunity to help your child along their journey. Stepping Stones Together provides the solutions you’re searching for. With our program, it’s possible to teach your child to read. Chicago parents appreciate the low time commitment and outstanding quality with our online learn to read programs. 

Interactive Reading Program that Supports Your Child’s Best Interests

Getting started on literacy skills can pose a few challenges. As a parent, you have so much to manage both at home and in your professional life. Rather than spending hours trying to get your struggling child to read a list of words, take a proactive approach through our program. Stepping Stones Together is composed of literacy experts who use research to create an effective learning program that puts your child’s needs first. We understand how it can be almost impossible to find the time to sit down and read with your child, so our program takes only 15 to 20 minutes a day, which is easier for both parent and child. 

Our interactive program supports your child’s interest in reading and transforms it into a lifelong hobby. Each story offers interesting topics and work for various learning levels. Reading should never be a frustrating process, but rather feel natural and enjoyable. 

We Make Learning to Read A Simple, 6 Step Process

The Stepping Stones Together reading program is designed for young kids who are just stepping into the world of literacy. While basic skills are expected for our program to be most effective—your child should know the alphabet and recognize letter sounds—it’s an excellent foundation to build your child’s love for learning. 

  • First, you and your child will select a story from your personalized homepage. It’s common for a child’s interest to change each day, so we provide plenty of options based on your child’s learning level and interests. 
  • Together, you and your child will walk through the story and look at the pictures to get a general idea of what is happening. Read the title and have them make a prediction about the story’s contents. 
  • Encourage your child to point at each word as they read them out loud independently. Perfection isn’t necessary: what’s important is that your child connects the story to the words physically present on the page.   
  • Your child will respond to various writing prompts by drawing or writing their thoughts, which supports their imagination. 
  • Head back to the homepage and access the Additional Practice tab to enjoy reading games that reinforce what they’ve learned. 

If It’s Time to Teach Your Child to Read, Chicago Parents Can Choose Our Reading Program

If you think your child is ready, have them take our online tests today. Stepping Stones Together provides everything you need to teach your child to read. Chicago parents can visit our website to explore our membership options.

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