Frequently Asked Questions

We know that parents, caregivers, and educators have a lot of options when it comes to teaching literacy and a lot of questions. Here we answer some of the top questions about how our reading programs for kids work and how you can get started with our program. 

How Does Stepping Stones Together Work?

Our beginning reading program uses personalized books with fun themes to teach the basics of reading comprehension. The program uses parental involvement to get children excited about reading and build a love of learning, all in just 15 – 20 minutes per day.

Is There Research Behind Your Approach?

Yes! When it comes to parental involvement, numerous studies, including one from the Ohio Literacy Resource Center, have shown the importance of family literacy programs in promoting reading, writing, and overall academic achievement.

All of the elements in our books, from the font size and spacing of the text to the selection and use of illustrations at each reading level, are carefully and thoughtfully designed to promote a strong foundation of reading basics. These are not your typical kids’ books; these are literacy-building resources designed by experienced educators, which include a structured plan for support, development, and checking learning comprehension.

How Much Does Stepping Stones Together Cost?

We want to make reading improvement affordable for all families. That’s why a full one year of membership is currently only $99.99. If you’d like to test the reading program out with less commitment, and full access to all materials, we also offer a 90-day membership (although the one-year membership is a much better value!) And if you’d simply like to browse our books or try a couple of stories first, sign up for our free trial. (some restrictions apply during the trial period).

Is Your Child Ready for Stepping Stones Together?

Children are ready to read at all different ages. Some children that are 4 or 5 years old may not be ready to read just yet, while others within that age group are ready. Below are ways to interpret if your child will benefit from Stepping Stones Together.

  • Your child should know their alphabet out of order to begin the Stepping Stones Together curriculum. The Alphabet Identification Test Sheet can help you check that your child can identify both upper- and lower-case letters out of alphabetical order.
  • Your child should know most of the sounds each letter of the alphabet can make. Knowing the various irregular sounds that vowels make is not necessary. The Letter Sounds Identification Check Sheet can help verify that your child has a basic understanding of the sounds a letter can make.
  • Your child should show signs of wanting to learn how to read. This can include behavior like re-telling their favorite story, having either memorized it or by using their own words.
  • Your child should have some understanding of print awareness and that words are comprised of letters, reading is done from left to right and that spaces indicate new words.

If your child meets all the criteria above, then they are ready to begin the Stepping Stones Together program!

Have More Questions?

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, we’ll be happy to answer it. Send us a message using our online contact form.

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