How to Motivate Your Child During Their Reading Journey

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Teaching your child to read when they are hesitant or unmotivated can be a challenge you’re unprepared for. A reluctant or struggling reader may have difficulty focusing on the task at hand and may even resist reading altogether. Starting to learn a new skill at any age comes with challenges we must overcome, and navigating these challenges can be overwhelming. 

At Stepping Stones Together, we understand that your child may be hesitant or struggling to begin their reading journey. We also understand that it’s important for your child to gain these important literacy skills early in their life, as it helps to boost their confidence and set them up for a lifetime of success. Sometimes, all it takes is the prospect of a well-deserved reward to help motivate your child to read. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the best ways to track and encourage your child to jumpstart their reading journey.

Reading Punch Card

If you frequent a quick-service restaurant or regularly shop at a local boutique, chances are you have at least one punch card in your wallet. While a great way to promote loyalty and keep track of visits, punch cards are also an excellent way to track your child’s reading progress. Crafting your own reading punch card and utilizing it each time your child completes a book helps you not only to keep track of your child’s progress but serves as an incentive for your child to read frequently.

The key to creating an effective reading punch card is to sit with your child and determine a realistic reading goal and a fair reward for when they complete the card. Make sure to write the reward on the card so that your child can see what prize is awaiting them once they read the desired number of books.

Thermometer Graph

If you’re looking for something a little more crafty, creating a reading thermometer is a great way to track your child’s reading progress visually. These graphs can be both big or small, as long as they are easily accessible and visible. 

To begin, select your desired paper size – it can be as small as the standard letter-sized paper or as big as a poster board or bigger. Draw a thermometer on the paper but, instead of temperature markers, you’ll place the number of books your child needs to read to be rewarded. As they read, have them help you fill in the thermometer until it reaches the top! 

Progress Chart

As one of the most classic and easiest reading trackers, a standard progress chart is a great way to incentivize your child to read. Using stickers, stamps, or other fun marking materials, fill in a box each time your child reads a book or reaches a reading goal. Reading charts are an easy-to-display progress tracker and are a great way to get your child involved in the tracking process.

When you sign up for Stepping Stones Together, a chart is conveniently provided in your membership. Our chart is tailored to correspond with our hand-selected, engaging stories, making it simple to keep track of which books your child has read and the goals they are meeting. You can begin your free 30-day trial today or sign up for our full membership to get your child reading in as little as 90 days.