Is My Child Behind in Reading?

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“I’m wondering what to read next.” – Matilda, Ronald Dahl.

How can you tell if your child is behind in reading? Every child learns differently and begins reading at a different age and pace. Don’t fret if you believe your child is behind in reading. Making space for 15-20 minutes of reading practice per day can help your child improve their reading quicker than you may think! 

At Stepping Stones Together, we provide personalized online reading programs with all of the materials and resources a parent or teacher needs to help your child reach their full potential. Our programs incorporate child development research along with proven literacy education techniques, and this has shown us the importance of parent involvement in teaching reading. If you want to learn more about Stepping Stones Together online reading program, visit our website!

How Can I Help My Child Read?

If you are a parent or caregiver reading this, then you probably understand the importance of early literacy skills, but you may be lacking important tools and teaching strategies to successfully help your child read. Stepping Stones Together offers learning materials and provides a personalized easy-to-follow plan making it possible to teach your child to read by investing as little as 15-20 minutes of reading per day.

Bonding with your child while reading could provide them with the support and encouragement they need to take an interest in reading. This special bond between parents and caregivers has with children is much different than teaching in a group or classroom setting.

All of the Materials and Resources You Need!

There is an overload of information online marketing affordable reading programs for children. When you choose the Stepping Stones Together program, you will receive all of the materials and resources you need to help your child achieve their reading goals. 

The materials and resources included in your Stepping Stones Together online reading program are: 

  • 90 themed stories of your child’s interest, comprised of 3 reading levels
  • A daily writing program
  • Printable Coloring books
  • Over 100 reading comprehension questions
  • Online extension games to put skills to use
  • Personalized incentive chart for rewards
  • Personalized certificates once a course is completed
  • Access to educational blogs and newsletters 

Stepping Stones Together was designed to make reading enjoyable and accessible for all, no matter your income level or reading skills.

Low-Cost Online Reading Program

Stepping Stones Together’s online reading program was created by a teacher, for teachers and parents, to make reading fun and interactive – and most importantly, hold a child’s interest. Stepping Stones Together online materials are one of a kind offering personalized materials that are customizable to your child’s interests and reading level. Our program offers the best prices and continues to offer prices significantly lower than competitors.

Learn More About Stepping Stones Together Online Reading Program

When parents and caretakers trust Stepping Stones Together with their child’s reading journey, they will receive necessary resources to teach their children reading skills they will carry with them forever. Visit Stepping Stones Together on their website, or fill out this contact form if you have any questions.