Parent Involvement: You are their first teacher. What will you teach?

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Parent Involvement

There is no magic pill or one stop method. Parent involvement takes a lifetime of dedication. We have committed educators thankfully on our sides. By trade and passion they bring us motivational techniques, inspiration and perseverance in our quest to help our children succeed both academically, physically and spiritually. Those I have met over the years all share one common theme- parents are the heart, the center to the well rounded development of a child. One wonderful partner Brod Bagert has generously shared his take on the importance of parent involvement as only he can so eloquently share through a poem. Take his words to heart. You make the difference in what your child will value as important in your daily actions.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’re involved and how parents can and have make and made a difference in the lives of the children they love.
Until You Read to Me
by Brod Bagert

It began with the morning newspaper —
I read aloud
As you smeared peaches on your cheeks
And delighted at the sound of words
You did not yet understand.

And then your name —
With a magic marker I drew the letters
And, placing my finger first on the paper
And then on your nose,
Made the sound of your name
Until you understood.

And the stories at bedtime —
The rustle of pages,
The purr of my voice,
And the deep rhythm of your breathing
As you fell asleep in my arms.

I was your first teacher,
And now you’re off to school,
But your teacher I will continue to be.
I’ll hear your spelling
I’ll check your math
We’ll visit the halls of history.
We’ll search the sky for distant stars
And wonder at their mystery.
We’ll learn how other people live
In far-off distant lands,
And the joyful path of learning
We will journey hand in hand.

Yes I was your first teacher
And your teacher I will always be,
Until I am the child
Asleep in your arms
And then you will read to me
© Brod Bagert 2012