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The more opportunities we have to reinforce what we learn the stronger our connections to them. Games help us review what we learn in different ways. I love that there are countless ways to foster learning! It has always amazed me how differently children connect to learning when they play games!

Stepping Stones Together will continue to offer game suggestions aligned with the demo books on our homepage. Our demo book was recently changed and below are a few new games to try with your child. Please go to the homepage at www.steppingstonestogether.com
Have your child read the demo story shared on the homepage titled How Can Sara Help. The following words should be used to play either of the games below. It is our hope that one of these games provides your child with a fun and meaningful connection to these new words. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share a reply on the blog! One step at a time we will make meaningful connections to reading together!

High Frequency Word
I, can, how, help, with, the, my

Game #1: Detectives at work
Tell your child they are going to become a detective and find the words from the story around the house!
1. Get some colorful markers, pens, or crayons out. (I always suggest washable!)
2. Get out a pair of scissors and a piece of cardboard, construction paper, or even use the newspaper to create a magnifying glass from any creative materials you have around the house.
3. Have your child decorate their magnifying glass which they will use to help them “search” for the words above.
4. Get out a sheet of paper. Write each of the words above on it. Cut out each word.
5. Have your child close their eyes while you hide the words either taping or placing them around your house.
6. Have your child use their magnifying glass to find the missing words.
7. Have your child bring the words to you. Have them look at each word with their magnifying glass.
8. Ask them to read each word to you and think back to the story you read together. You might want to read the story again. You might ask your child to identify the mystery words in each sentence of the story.

Game #2: Run it!
1. Take out 2 pieces of paper, a pen, and scissors.
2. Write all the words above twice and cut them out. Place one pile of the 7 words on one side of the room and the other 7 words in a pile on the opposite side of the room.
3. Tell your child to pick one side of the room to start at and go behind the pile of words.
4. Tell your child they will race to the other side of the room and pick a word from the pile of words they just read in the story.
5. Tell them if they know the word they picked to shout it out to you. They can then move however they want (run, jump, cartwheel, skip, hop, gallop) to the other side of the room to collect the matching word from the second pile on the floor.
6. Tell your child if they do not know the word they picked you will tell them. However, you get to choose how they move to the opposite side of the room to collect the matching word.
7. Continue until all words have been matched and your child is exhausted!