Dr. Burton has developed a valuable and meaningful early reading program with Stepping Stones Together. She has incorporated the vital components of a literacy program necessary for the acquisition of early reading skills. The most frequently used sight words in early readers are integrated with high-interest content to provide youngsters with the vocabulary and comprehension skills required for reading with meaning. Literal and higher-level comprehension skills that promote critical thinking are an important feature of Stepping Stones Together as children talk, write, and/or draw their responses to the literature. Instructions for teaching the program are explicitly stated by Dr. Burton, as she explains how parents can implement reading strategies that all effective readers use, such as predicting, rereading, decoding, and using picture clues. Furthermore, the program is motivational for young learners, as it provides for positive reinforcement of acquired skills, as well as learning games, not to mention the valuable time spent with parents in productive activities. As a classroom teacher and reading specialist for almost 40 years, I appreciate the value of an early start reading program that originates in the home. Stepping Stones Together is also a wonderful program to reinforce and extend literacy skills learned in pre-school or elementary school, especially over the summer, when many children, unfortunately, “lose” some of the academic progress acquired during the school year. I look forward to using it with my own grandchild! Joan Freud, Reading Specialist