Starting the School Year Right!

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You too will be going back to school sometime in the next few weeks if you have a child entering or returning to school.

Many parents feel overwhelmed. Others feel elated imagining the possibilities and opportunities palpably available to their child in the upcoming school year.

All parents want their children to be successful. Is there a recipe for a successful school year? Why not share with your child what you expect from them? They can’t reach to meet an expectation not shared.

This is a list of expectations I encourage you to share with your child prior to starting the school year.

  • I want you to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • I expect you to always do your best in all areas of school.
  • I want you to remain open to all learning opportunities/possibilities by giving all areas of school your best effort.
  • I expect you to be ethical, moral, and responsible in your actions and problem solving skills. Treat others as you expect to be treated.

It is important to share these and any other expectations you may have with your child prior to the beginning of each and every school year and whenever necessary throughout the year.

Children need to hear what their parents expect of them (of course in language they can understand dependent on their age).

I’d love to hear from you on additions to this list or what your child shares with you in reaction to your school expectations chat!