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Does your preschool child love playing games but you aren’t sure they have an educational focus?

GoGo Kabongo is a new online learning game for kids ages four to seven.

Not just another learning game, Kabongo’s unique approach combines casual digital gameplay with the latest research in contemporary cognitive psychology. Designed and tested by learning experts and award-winning game designers, Kabongo’s online reading games keep children entertained while cultivating the thinking and problem-solving skills that underlie reading.

In fact, each of GoGo Kabongo‘s learning games develop specific cognitive skills essential to reading, such as attention and focus, planning, processing and memory.

Children can play challenging learning games, solve mini-missions, and discover hidden surprises. Along the way, they will meet friendly characters to help them. The games adapt to the child’s level, so they are never too easy or too hard, inspiring self-confidence and independent play.

Throughout the adventure, kids have room to explore GoGo Kabongo’s animated world of brain-boosting fun at their own pace. With games like Scuba Dude, which builds memory and sequencing skills, or Going Buggy, designed to improve listening comprehension, kids are continually motivated as they earn interactive online rewards, such as stickers for their Comic Book Maker and ramps for their custom Skate Park. Plus, they’ll get to make their own avatar and collect items for their virtual tree house.

We know that kids learn best by learning to think. And they learn even better when they’re doing something they love!” said chief marketing officer, Teri Rousseau. “We wanted to create a safe, animated play environment where young children could play online independently while building cognitive skills essential to reading.”

Rousseau has worked for such companies as Scholastic, EA Games and LucasArts, among other well-known brands. She and CEO Terrell Anderson are the driving forces behind Kabongo, Inc., and they are planning more great digital learning games for GoGo Kabongo in the coming year.

GoGo Kabongo’s first habitat, Laughter Lake, is available for free. Additional habitats are offered at an introductory price of $4.95 each “ no subscription fees ever!” Parents told us they love that Kabongo doesn’t come with a pricey monthly subscription. And they also love that it’s “accessible everywhere”, Rousseau said.

To ensure that the games never lose their fun factor, Kabongo play-tests their online learning games with kids and parents.

Rousseau also said that an additional habitat is in the works now, and that some of the new games take their inspiration directly from feedback from their kid play-testers.

GoGo Kabongo has already accumulated thousands of registered users and an impressive list of industry awards (including the Dr. Toy, iParenting and Mom’s Choice awards, among others) since its Beta release last fall.

For more information about GoGo Kabongo’s online kids games for cognitive reading development, and to start your child on a playing and learning adventure, visit the official website at