Summer learning loss- Can we stop it?

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Summer learning loss is a reality

Not only do children lose 3 months of reading skills out of 12 during the summer but without some guidance reading alone will not slow this decline.

10 ways to help your child improve their reading skill over the summer

1. Go to your local library– Most libraries have summer reading programs which provide both intrinsic rewards and incentive programs to reading all summer long!

2. Help your child with reading comprehension. Most children under 9 do not self-check for reading understanding. Children under the age of 10 need a parent, friend, or adult to help them stop, review, and re-read if necessary for understanding.

3. Have your child read books to you.  Have them stop when they encounter difficult vocabulary, passages, and pronunciation of words.  Create new sentences with new vocabulary words or explain concepts in context for your child.

4.  Read a book together. Take turns reading modeling appropriate reading comprehension when it’s your turn to read!

5.  Make reading a daily routine. Brushing your teeth isn’t an option. Why is reading?

6.  Read regularly in front of your child. Reading is contagious. The more others see you read the more they will think it’s a good idea too!

7.  Have those they look up to suggest good books to read. Have a sibling, friend, or adult that your child looks up to and could recommend a great book? Get them over to your house!

8.  Go to a book store, yard sale, estate sale, grandma’s house. The great thing about books is everyone has them. Many will part with a good book to pass it on!

9.  Trade in your old for new. There are bookstores around the country paying patrons for their used books. Why not trade in books you have outgrown, or read to exhaustion for some new books which will inspire you and your child?

10.  READ– The best way to become a better reader is to read.