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Summer is synonymous with fun for kids and adults too!

Why not embrace children’s summer reading needs through helping them maintain skills or make beginning reading gains! We can meet our children’s beginning reading needs with games to reinforce the new words they learn.

Go to my homepage at www.steppingstonestogether.com. Have your child read the demo story shared on the homepage titled These are my animals. The following words (typically provided by a teacher on a metal ring for memorization) should be used to play either of the games below. It is our hope that one of these games provides your child with a fun and meaningful connection to these new words. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share a reply on the blog! One step at a time we will make meaningful connections to reading together!

High Frequency Word
this, is , my, in, a, these, are

Game #1: This is my These are my labels (for the creative artist!)
1. Tell your child you are going to give your house a make-over label party with their help!
2. Get some colorful markers, pens, or crayons out. (I always suggest washable!)
3. You should cut 5-10 rectangular strips between 11- 15 inches long from a large box, computer paper, or other material (Be creative!)
4. Help your child write the new phrase ‘This is my’, ‘These are my’ labels.
5. I suggest pointing and saying each word as you write it out for them before allowing them to copy the phrase to the rest of the labels!
6. Have your child choose things around the house they want to label. Help them fill in the missing word(s) to complete the sentence. For example, This is my… (picture).
7. Have your child take you on tour of their make-over by pointing to each labeled object and sharing their masterpieces!

Game #2: This is my…These are my… (for the child that likes to move!)
1. Tell your child they have 5 minutes to choose 10 items which the two of you are going to label and use for beat the clock game.
2. Create the strips described above with your child steps 2-5.
3. Tell your child to close their eyes while you hide the objects around the house.
4. Set a timer and give your child 1-2 minutes to find the items you hid around the house as quickly as possible.
5. Have your child share all objects they found to ensure none are still hidden!