The Importance of Reading Comprehension and Writing for New Readers

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Early exposure to reading comprehension questions and awareness of story details will help strengthen your child’s ability to process what they read. Your child will also become a better reader as they practice connecting what they read to their experiences. Discussion of story details and daily writing practice reinforces active reading skills. Your child will gain momentum, confidence, and hone their writing skills through daily writing practice.

We hope that the additional reading comprehension questions below help open more doors to reading for meaning with your child. They can be used in conjunction with the reading comprehension questions listed on the back of each printed book.

  1. What was this story about? What was the main idea or main point of this story? (Main Idea/Summarization)
  2. Who were the characters in the story? Who were the main characters? Who were the minor characters? How do you know they were minor or major? (Characters)
  3. Where did this story take place? What was the setting of the story? How do you know? (Setting/Place)
  4. What was the author’s purpose in writing this story? If there was a problem was it solved? (Problem/Author’s purpose)
  5. What would you change about this story to make it better? Why? (Critical thinking)
  6. What would you add to this story? Why (Critical thinking)
  7. What happened in this story? Where did the characters go? What did they do? What were some of the events in this story? (Story Plot)