Top Family Vacation Idea: Teach, Bond, and Create Memories

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This weekend I was fortunate enough to vacation with my husband. This unfortunately happens infrequently! We stepped away from our busy lives leaving technology, work, and kids behind to rekindle our relationship as a couple driving to a part of the country which moves a little slower and definitely spends a little more time talking face to face with each other.

Slowing down, talking more, taking in the beauty surrounding the world reaffirmed our family choice of vacations this year. We have been mulling over our next vacation with our three young children. Traveling with children can be stressful only to get to the final destination where activities take precedence and the bonding time you longed for evaporates potentially in the process of standing in a very long line, running to get Disney character signatures, or in finding activities to do on a beach. Amusement parks, beaches, and the like can be extraordinary family vacations. However, are they the only memories and bonding experiences you want to have as a family? Each vacation does and should take a family on a different path and provide a different purpose.

This year my family and I are trying something completely new and reminiscent of vacations from my own childhood. I recently found a book entitled 101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12! It is amazing what our communities and surrounding cities have which we have seen, but more importantly, what we have not seen. Why not create a goal as a family to see more of our world and the beauty as well as share and teach the lessons from all that surrounds us?

If you’re still looking for vacation ideas, this winter or beyond, why not make it an experience of learning, joy, bonding and opening your family’s eyes to what the world has to offer? Go see a cave, a lighthouse, a landfill, a bookstore, a superlative place, and more! The teachable moments are awaiting you with less lines and more meaningful bonding time.