What Are Beginning Reading Books?

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What Are Beginning Reading Books?

Learning to read isn’t one single act, it involves mastering a series of smaller skills and concepts, like developing fine motor skills and learning that letters and words convey meaning. Beginning reading books use a combination of story ideas, word choice, visual images and layouts to help reinforce basic literacy concepts for early readers.

How Do I Know If My Child is Ready for Beginning Reading Books?

Children are ready to read at different ages. Some are ready at three (but not most) and others still lack interest at six. However, most children are ready for beginning reading books when they know the letters of the alphabet out of order and the sounds they make, as well as show an interest in reading.

How Will I Know When My Child is Showing an Interest in Reading?

Here are a few indications that your child may be ready to learn to read:

  • Does your child pick up books pointing to a word and asking what it says or point to signs or words on familiar products in and around your home?
  • Does your child point to each word instead of groups of words while attempting to read or while pretend reading?
  • Does your child enjoy re-read familiar stories or memorizing them?

Either way, make sure to have plenty of books in your home. Studies have confirmed having books in your home alone will make a difference in your child’s reading success.

What Does a Beginning Reader Look Like?

Beginning reading books will motivate your child by providing them with immediate reading success.

  • Beginning reading books include simple repetitive sentences with only one minor change on each page. This might look like: “She went to the park. She went to the house.”
  • They focus on commonly used words such as “the, and, a, there, this” which account for approximately 70% of the words we read in all books.
  • They should include one sentence per page.
  • Text is heavily supported by illustrations in beginning reading books.
  • Beginning reading book topics should motivate students to want to learn to read.
  • Beginning reading books should incorporate reading comprehension questions.

Need Beginning Reading Books?

If your child is ready to read, there are resources available to help you start building their literacy skills today, right from home. Check out Stepping Stones Together for immediate access to 90 beginning readers. We offer parents and educators access to customizable reading materials at progressive skill levels, with convenient and affordable membership options. Sign up today, or learn more about our free limited trial.