What motivates children to read?

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Motivating children to read

What motivates kids to read? What was the last book you read? Most adults pick up a new book due to a personal interest in it. Some readers might avidly follow a particular author. Others may enjoy a particular genre or possibly select a book based on the recommendation of a trusted source. Voracious readers are driven to pick up books for a multitude of different reasons. However, most adults who read for pleasure choose the books they want to read.

We can motivate our kids to begin to read by giving them ownership in what they read.

Research suggests that there are 5 factors which motivate kids to read (Edmunds, 2006).

  1. Self selection of books
  2. Attention to the characteristics of books
  3. Personal interest
  4. Access to books
  5. Active involvement of others

We can also help our kids become stronger readers through having discussions with them about the books that they read. Our kids need our help to tie the concepts in books to their personal experiences. They also enjoy sharing what they read at all ages!

Lastly, as we provide more positive reading opportunities our kids will spend more time reading!