When Should My Child Begin Learning to Read?

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Learning to read is a rewarding process that plays an important role in your child’s future success. Not only do you want your child to comprehend the basics of literacy, but you also wish to instill a love for reading that lasts for years to come. Having the right tools to accomplish those goals is key. Stepping Stones Together recognizes that many parents want to teach their child to read as soon as possible. However, there are several things to consider before proceeding with reading lessons. Below, we’ve compiled some of the most important factors parents should consider, so be sure to review these guidelines before subscribing to our online reading program.

When Do Kids Learn to Read?

Every child is different and goes at their own pace. Many kids learn to read by age 6 or 7, although this is not true for everyone. As a parent, your goal is to determine whether your child has the basic skills necessary to successfully begin learning to read. We make it easier for you by providing specialized tests to gauge certain skills. For a more general understanding, consider the following timeline:

  • By age 2, kids typically are able to repeat words from their favorite stories, and can answer questions about a book’s contents. 
  • In preschool, children can generally identify half of the letters of the alphabet and begin to recognize sounds that rhyme. 
  • In kindergarten, children begin matching letters and sounds. They may also be able to recognize certain words by sight without having to sound them out. 
  • By second grade, most kids reach the level that would be considered having learned to read. They can read sentences and recognize many words. 

Even with a general timeline, it’s important to set realistic expectations, since your child’s educational background and experience with reading is unlike any others. 

Basic Skills Needed to Learn to Read

While our reading program is great for young children, it’s most effective if your child already has a few basic skills in tow:  

  • The ability to identify letters of the alphabet
  • Distinguish upper and lower case letters
  • Understand that you read from left to right 
  • Knowing spaces between groups of letters indicate different words
  • Comprehends basic stories and can explain it in their own words

These skills are enhanced by our program, so if your child has these abilities, that’s a strong indication that it’s time for them to learn to read. 

Determining a Child’s Interest in Reading

One final consideration is knowing whether or not your child is interested in reading. No matter what their skill level is, a genuine interest in reading is essential to ensuring they stay motivated throughout the learning process. There are a few ways to determine whether they’re interested: 

  • Your child is actively engaged while reading their favorite stories
  • They talk about the story and answer questions 
  • They often request to read books

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Determining if your child is ready to read is easier with these tips in mind. Start off right with Stepping Stones Together. Our reading program utilizes scientific studies to help your child learn to read as they build a connection to the stories they explore. Get started by having your child take our online tests.