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Many parents who have worked through a beginning reader course with their child are soon surprised at how quickly their new reader devours reading materials. In fact, the Stepping Stones Together reading program is intentionally designed to give kids a strong sense of achievement as they progress learn basic literacy skills, creating the motivation to read more.

Luckily, there are plenty of free resources available to help you find new books and continue building literacy skills at home after completing the Stepping Stones Together program. We’ll discuss a few of those resources, and why it’s important to continue providing high-quality materials for new readers.

Why Are Early Reading Resources Important?

Early reading success helps build a child’s confidence and encourages them to view education positively. Beginning reading programs have a variety of techniques for doing this.

  • They Repeat High-Frequency Words. Studies have shown that a small number of words make up anywhere from 58 – 75% of all text in children’s’ books. Stepping Stones Together helps familiarize children with 220 high-frequency words and 95 nouns, allowing them to confidently work through new materials.
  • They Feature Text Illustration Support. Images in children’s books should do much more than provide entertainment, they need to help the reader understand the meaning of the text. As children read more books and take in more images, they increase their ability to learn through context.
  • They’re Formatted for Young Readers. Text that is too small or too close together leads to frustration for young readers, and supplying them with books that are formatted for their age level will make reading more enjoyable.

Free Literacy Resources  

  1. Your local libraryOne of the best ways to celebrate your child’s reading success is to plan a fun trip to the library! Allow them to pick out books they’re interested in and make going to this special place seem like a ritual that they will look forward to. It’s also an opportunity to teach your child about “borrowing” an item, and the importance of returning it in good condition. If you don’t have time to make a trip to your local library, check out the American Library Association’s website to learn about the online resources they offer. 
  2. Your child’s school – If you have a school-aged child, ask their teacher for any supplemental materials they could take home with them to practice their new skill. Most teachers will be delighted that you’re working with your child and helping them strengthen their reading ability. In addition to this, ask around to see if there are any supplemental literacy programs or resources available through your child’s school itself. For example, many schools are involved in programs that encourage literacy and will be happy to share this information with you.  
  3. America Reads Literacy Program – The goal of the America Reads Challenge is to ensure that all children are able to read on their own by the end of third grade. Completing the Stepping Stones Together course means your child is already well on their way to achieving this goal, and the America Reads website offers supplemental reading materials, literacy tools, and even a few fun TedX Talks to help parents and students continue on their reading journey.


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